Nice to meet you!

Hi I’m Jessica, married my crush, Kenny, and we have three littles together. Olive, who is five years old and twins, Izzy & Cru who are three. Yes, TWINS, we still can’t believe it either!

Let me just start off with saying that I’m not your Pinterest-perfect photographer. I won’t say things like, “Put your hand here and then do this exactly so!”

But I will say things like “Go in for a really sweet kiss!” And then maybe I’ll try adding a few of my dad jokes in!

“Let’s chase your little one around and search for wildflowers” are words that have come out of my mouth more than once!

I love to give you guidance and a little direction to help make you feel comfortable so I can capture who you truly are. After all, that’s where the magic shines through! I will be cheering you on the entire time.


Let's go t o the beginning...

My family is my biggest inspiration in everything I do. If I’m not behind the camera, you can find me biking to the beach with the kids on our sweet little bike path behind our house. You can also find my on the road with the fam, camping and exploring a new national park!

Photography has always been a part of who I am. It started off as a hobby, just ask any of my friends. I was the girl in high school that brought my disposable camera every where I went. (I just wanted to capture it all)

The first Christmas Kenny and I spent together, he gifted me my first digital camera. (I know, so fancy!)

Complete side note, Kenny is also a creative spirit and most times my second shooter. I’ve learned so much from him!

Okay, back to the story! Years later when I first had kids, I stepped up my camera gear - because you know, when you have kids you really don’t want to miss a thing! My love for photography fell deeper and that’s when I made the switch in my career to be a full time wedding photographer!

I am so grateful for that decision because it set my creative soul on fire in ways I didn’t know possible. What I do truly brings me so much joy, to capture other’s stories knowing they will treasure these moments for a lifetime.